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  • Focus on exclusivity!
    Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is Norrland's first auction house focused on exclusive items in antiques, art, retro & design.Our staff personally selects which items are placed at the auction in order to follow the common thread & maintain a consistently high standard.Norrlands Auktionsverk AB also takes on special assignments such as anonymous sales, help with issuing certificates of authenticity, research into provenances and guidance on how to best sell your unique object.There are several ways to choose, but we believe that in Norrland we are the obvious choice to turn to when it comes to exclusive sales that require that little extra. Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is also designed according to the best interests of the customer, this also applies to fees & commissions. We work with a modern mindset, which means that we sometimes work against the current, we never use hidden fees.
  • Availability
    The basic idea with Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is to serve the whole of Norrland with professional values & international sales. Our system is advanced & works together with all the world's portals to find the buyer for your particular item. Norrlands Auktionsverk AB keeps high final prices for the exclusive art and the local Norrland objects.You will find our base in Umeå, where most of the research, profiling & disclosure takes place, but we carry out assessments around the whole of Norrland. The idea is to expand branches in the future that cover the whole of Norrland so that the customer is closer to the pick-up and drop-off points.We will then also offer free transport of your won items between our branches. For example, buy an item from Skellefteå and free delivery to Örnsköldsvik is included. In order to succeed in this, we also need help from you. Together we can put Norrland on the auction map & preserve our cultural heritage.
  • Service & knowledge
    Norrlands Auktionsverk AB is based on great service thinking & know-how. We have attracted the real excellence in all types of objects & have thus become a very complete business that can handle the sale of the exclusive objects.Our staff understands the importance of providing unique service to cover your specific needs & answer your specific questions. With us, you are always met with professional quality beyond the ordinary when it comes to service. We never take chances! even if it may mean we have to spend hours or days on your item.Our business must always follow the common thread & nothing must be left to chance. In addition to a broad know-how & service mindset, we often go against the grain & always think about what will be best for the customer, right now we offer as an example one of the market's lowest shipping prices for your auction profits.
Den färdiga verksamheten!

Idag kan vi stoltsera med att vi är Umeås & Norrlands första och enda webbaserade auktionshus med inriktning på exklusiva objekt inom antikt, konst, smycken, retro & design!
Vi har format hela verksamheten efter kundens bästa, vi är flexibla åt alla håll vilket bland annat innebär att vi erbjuder kostnadsfria värderingar, fördelaktiga fraktlösningar runt hela världen, generösa öppettider & en stabil support.


Förutom flexibiliteten erbjuder vi en auktionsplattform som når internationellt, ett stilrent & snyggt showroom på ett av Umeås attraktivaste affärsområden,  stor kompetens hos våra värderare, avancerad fotohörna för bästa profilering av objekten, strukturerat lagersystem samt moderna betallösningar.

Välkommen in till oss på Norrlands Auktionsverk AB!


Johannes Linder, Intendent / Av Sveriges Handelskamrar förordnad värderingsman

Konst & Grafik, Skulpturer, Smycken, Silverföremål, Sameslöjd & Orientaliskt.

Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211

DSC_0290edited - Kopia.jpg

Jonas Linder, Intendent / Värderingsman

Glas, Konst, Keramik, Klockor,  Foto & Vapen.

Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211


Kim Linder, Intendent / Värderingsman 

Konst, Keramik, Glas, Fotokonst, Skulpturer & modern design.

Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211


Emelie Nilsson, Intendent / Värderingsperson

Konst, Keramik, Glas, Skulpturer, Vapen & Militaria samt modern design.

Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211


Christopher Wickman Intendent / Värderingsman

Konst & Grafik, Möbler, Keramik, Porslin, Glas, Art-deco, Skulpturer samt övrigt hantverk.

​Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211


Ledig tjänst! Är du vår nästa fotograf?

Skicka gärna CV & personligt brev till oss.


Cecilia Andersson, Intendent / Värderingsperson / Verksamhetschef

​Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211


Leif Andersson, Suppleant & värderingsman

Mynt, Sedlar & investeringsguld

​Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211

Porträtt ed.jpg

Peder Linder, Transportansvarig

​Telefonnummer växel: 090-122211

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